Should I Paint My Cabinets Two Different Colors?

There was a time when homeowners used to feel a bit hesitant while asking this question, “Should I paint my cabinets two different colors”? But now, two-tone kitchens are the hottest trend. You know why?

Stick around, and I’ll explain to you the benefits of painting your kitchen cabinetry with contrasting colors.

Light On Your Pocket

Many will give this benefit some late number, but it is the number one benefit for me (and I suppose for most of you). Kitchen cabinetry is the most significant part of your kitchen, and so is more visual. Remember how it used to take more effort, time, and money repainting the whole cabinetry. But for now, you can just paint half of it and call it a trend.

In the meantime, you’re saving your money, time, and effort as well. For instance, if you have stained wood cabinetry, keep it the same for the lower part and add some color on the upper part. You’re done with a new, modern, and complementing kitchen.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets Reflect Your Creative Personality

Who’s going to know for what reason you added two colors in your kitchen cabinetry, either for creativity or your budget was the pain. So, even if you’re going for the two-tone to save money, call it your creativity.

More often than not, we call unusual stuff creative. So, why not two-tone?

Moreover, nobody’s going to enter your two-tone kitchen without giving a thought to your creativity. So, if you’re an artistic homeowner, opting for this risky option will go for you. All-in-all two-tone kitchen cabinets will reflect the aesthetic creativity of your personality.

Adds More Visual Space To Your Kitchen

Before two-tone, what were the usual go-to colors for the homeowners? Either stained wood, white, or some intense shades. These plain options sometimes make your kitchen look either too cluttered or too dull.

Well, there’s no wrong if you go for the white shades because they’re still in trend. And for years, this trend is going nowhere. A country kitchen or a modern kitchen, both will go best with it. But, as I mentioned, all-white gets too plain for people looking for some fun visuals.

Moreover, two-tone will give your small, cluttered kitchen a visual appeal. If you got dark kitchen cabinets, you can leave them as-it-is for the lower part and paint the upper part white. It will add more visual space to your kitchen as light colors reflect light. But, do remember to always paint the upper part in lighter shades for the perfect contrast.

More Popular

If you’re about to sell or rent your house any time soon, going for the two-tone option will help you get savvy buyers. Apparently, there are two reasons for it.

  • It’s trendy
  • People opt for the place that is ready to move-in

Also, We Paint Kitchen Cabinets suggests that this trend will go on for a long time… or even if not, it’ll take half the amount to go for either of the two tones for the whole cabinetry.

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