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Refinish & Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you are tired of the dull look of your kitchen cabinets and want to change the cabinets, then instead of upgrading your kitchen cabinets, you should go for the idea to refinish and paint your kitchen cabinets. It will add a fresh look to your kitchen and give a new aroma to its boring design. If you don’t know how to prep to paint kitchen cabinets, we’ve some preps to do before kitchen cabinets paint for you.

Preps to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

You should prepare to paint kitchen cabinets by using the following steps:

Check out your cabinet’s condition

You have to determine the state of your cabinets. You will want to consider repairing some areas on your cabinets if necessary for optimal results.

Keep sure your door is removed, and cabinets are empty

Remove everything from the cabinets as you’ll be sanding later on, which could get dusty. Take out all of the doors, drawers, and hardware. While you’re pulling the doors and drawers, use painter’s tape to mark where they go so you can reinstall them correctly.

Remove dirt and grease.

You should use TSP cleaner to clean all surfaces to remove oil and filth. Restore any damaged sections. You can use wood filler to fix dents and holes. Push it in, level it out with a putty knife, and then dry.

Vacuum the area

Using a vacuum and a tack cloth, clean all surfaces. Before painting, make sure that everything is dust-free.

To learn more about this process we paint kitchen cabinets has provided video tutorials and information on our website, Facebook, and youtube to help you in this process.

At We Paint Kitchen Cabinets we understand your time is valuable and you don’t always have the time or patience to work on projects around your home. We have redefined the way we paint kitchen cabinets and with our 5 step 10 day turnaround we will have your kitchen cabinets looking brand new.