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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Vs Painting before picture
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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Vs Painting

Your kitchen cabinets also deserve some special attention when it comes to changing up the look of your kitchen. But if you are unsure about whether you should go for refacing or painting, then you have come to the right place. To find out more about cabinet refacing vs painting, keep on reading.

What Is Cabinet Refacing?

Cabinets can be refaced very easily and it takes a lot less time to do so because you are only changing up the parts of the cabinets which are visible to the human eye.

Cabinet refacing is basically a process in which the primary framework of the cabinets remains intact, but you are free to change the hinges, handles, cabinet outer surface, etc. Think of it as giving your cabinets a makeover without having to tear the entire cabinet framework down.

When To Consider?

You can consider cabinet refacing when you don’t want to change the structure or layout of your kitchen. It is a much cheaper alternative than an entire cabinet remodeling. But it is more expensive than just painting your cabinets. It gives a whole new look to your kitchen and you can decide from a plethora of options.

What Is Cabinet Painting?

Painting your cabinets is as easy as the name suggests. If you are getting bored with the existing colors of your cabinets or your cabinets are too much damaged, but you don’t want to go the extra mile of spending a fortune on new cabinets, then painting them is your second-best option. Cabinets can be salvaged if you paint them.

The difference between refacing and painting cabinets is the fact that in painting your cabinets, you are saving your cabinets and salvaging them, whereas in refacing, you are changing up the look of the cabinet and you can’t salvage the door hinges, front cabinet parts, etc.

Gives Cabinets A New Look

Painting is a great way to instantly make your cabinets look fresh and new. To make the painting look flawless, it’s always best to sand down the cabinets first, then an application of primer will ensure that the paint stays put. Allowing the primer to dry for the allocated time is also important and it will set the tone of perfection for the rest of the task. Now comes the fun part, painting. You can choose any color you want, but it’s best to stick with neutral and subtle colors.

Quick And Easy

This is a very quick and simple process and a lot of people prefer it because it instantly changes the look of your cabinets, even though the primary structure remains unchanged.


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