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4 Small, No-Reno Kitchen Design Changes

If you are looking for easy and simple ways to spice up your kitchen but also don’t want to go forward with bug renovation projects, then you have come to the right place. Here are the best small, no-reno kitchen design changes you should try. Let’s begin!

  1. Change The Cabinet Hardware

One of the easiest and no-fuss ways to change up your kitchen without breaking the bank is to change up the hardware of your kitchen cabinets. This is a very easy and simple design change and it will speak volumes for your kitchen. Small things like changing your cabinet hardware might feel insignificant but in reality, it will give a sense of newness to your kitchen. Also, changing the hardware is not very expensive either. And the best part is that you can install the new hardware by yourself too.

  1. Paint Your Cabinets

While on the topic of kitchen cabinets, another great way to instantly change the look of your kitchen is to paint your kitchen cabinets. Painting your kitchen cabinets is a great way to make your cabinets and kitchen look new without actually having to go forward and change your cabinets, which can be quite expensive. Painting is something that you can also do by yourself, at We Paint Kitchen Cabinets we have 3 options for you to choose from. We can provide you without DIY paint kit and you can do it yourself, We can share in the labor and you paint the frames and we factory spray the doors or you can have us come in and do it all for you. From start to finish we will get the job done right.

  1. Dress Up Your Countertops

Changing your countertops is something which is quite time-consuming as well as expensive, but what you can do in contrast to make your countertops look new again is to add certain things on top and change the outlook of the countertop. This can be very simple. You can add a huge cutting board, a fruit platter, appliances, etc. on top of your existing countertops to dress them up. It is also a great way to conceal seams and some cracks which you can’t find the time to fix just yet.

  1. Add Storage Space

If your kitchen has spare walls and space, then what better way to put these walls to use than making necessary storage space and adding shelves. Adding shelves is a great way to add more space or you can double up the shelves as décor. You can never go wrong with shelves and space, as you are killing two birds with one stone. You are getting space to put more necessary things on the shelves and you are using shelves as decoration. Also, adding shelves is very cheap so you don’t need to worry about the budget.

Final Word

There you have it! With these easy ways, not only will your kitchen look new and amazing, but you will also save yourself from the hassles of renovations. Get services from We Paint Kitchen Cabinets for the best results at an affordable price.

At We Paint Kitchen Cabinets we understand your time is valuable and you don’t always have the time or patience to work on projects around your home. We have redefined the way we paint kitchen cabinets and with our 5 step 10 day turnaround we will have your kitchen cabinets looking brand new.