Will I Still See The Grain On Painted Cabinets?

There’s nothing pretty about those pesky grain marks which show on your kitchen cabinets after you have painted them. They don’t only look nasty, but they ruin the look of the paint as well. Here is the answer to your question, “will I still see the grain on painted cabinets”? And how to avoid them.

Seal The Wood

Having wooden cabinets, there is always a possibility of having wood grain showing through the paint. While it can look ridiculous, there are some ways by which you can rectify the situation. First and foremost, you can use a sealant or primer to apply on the wooden cabinet before painting them. Think of the primer as a pore-filling agent, which will go into the surface of the wood and gill up any nooks and crannies. This will give you a smooth surface to work with and paint on. Primers and sealants will also make your wood last longer and add water-resistant properties to the cabinet as well.

You Can Use Fillers

Fillers are also a great option to go for if you are wanting to fill up the crevices and cracks on your wooden cabinets. Fillers and primers may sound like the same thing, but the filler is more heavy-duty than a primer. A filler will fill up larger cracks and holes in your wood and give you a smooth finish to work on. A filler is a type of white putty-like substance that can be filled into the larger cracks of wood and then, once it has been dried, you can apply a coat of primer and go ahead with painting your cabinets.

Sandpaper Is Your Best Friend

If your wood is bumpy and feels old and grainy and you need to have a smooth surface to work on, then sanding down the wood before priming and painting it is a great idea. This will not only get rid of the bumps and grains on the topmost surface of the wood, but it will also emerge a healthier layer of wood and your paint and primer will adhere better to the wood, once it has been sanded down.

Brush Or Spray?

The best results of painting depend on the tools that you are using to paint with. If your cabinets are smooth and flat with no designs and grooves then you can use a paintbrush or roller. The trick with paintbrushes and rollers is to work in small increments and in thin layers. In this way, you will not get brush streaks and grainy marks. If you want to go the safe and no-fuss way, then a spray paint gun will be your best choice. It deposits color onto every crevice of the cabinet, whether it’s flat, grooved, or designed.

Hire Professional Cabinet Painting Services

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There you have it! With these tips, you are sure to end up with smooth and fine cabinets without any unwanted streaks of paints or bumps from the wood grains.

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