5 Expert Tips On Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

5 Expert Tips On Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets is the latest in our kitchen series. Painting your kitchen cabinets is one of the therapeutic measures you can take. It is a lost-cost way to upgrade your kitchen. So now, if you’ve rolled up your sleeves and are ready to paint your old cabinets modern. Then, get yourself familiar with these expert tips on painting your kitchen cabinets.

Start Clean

For your paint to adhere and give you an outclass finish, you need to start clean. That’s a fact; no paint either on walls or cabinets will adhere to the grease and oil. And even if you clean every day, that’s a kitchen. Every day dust and grease are always there on your cabinets.

Therefore, you’re advised to thoroughly clean your cabinetry before heading further. Remove all the stuff inside and also unscrew the doors and drawers. You can use regular soap and water to clean the drawers and cabinets.

Sanding And Priming Are Must

Now, if some advertisement is telling you the formula of one single stroke, they’re just marketing. Don’t close your eyes and say you believe them just to save yourself from the pain of prepping. Yes, you read right. Preparing your surface before painting is a little pain. But, trust me, it’s worth the effort.

Set the foundation of your perfect painting with sanding. If your cabinets are not that old, you don’t need to go too hard. After the sanding, set the base with a good primer. I have tried using many cheap primers. But, trust me, the end results weren’t satisfactory. So, now I’ve stuck to the fancy one. Give ample time for the primer to dry before starting painting.

Remove The Hardware

Well, that’s obvious. You have to remove the hardware before you start painting. Have you seen a kitchen with painted hardware? I am sure no, unless or until you haven’t ended up in some clumsily painted kitchen.

Painted hardware gives you a look as if someone was in a hurry while painting. Therefore, keep in mind painting your cabinetry is going to take some days. So, relax and move the hardware out of place. Also, it’s the best time to change your old hardware with the modern one complementing your new kitchen.

Cover The Parts That You’re Not Painting

A key to painting your kitchen cabinetry the right way is to paint it clean. Your kitchen isn’t supposed to look as if some war happened there. Seriously, cleaning the paint splatters is such a headache.

Cover your kitchen floor, countertops, backsplash, fridge, oven, and others before painting. And celebrate after painting instead of cleaning up the mess.

Choose A Long Lasting Finish

Your choice of paint is going to have a significant impact on the final finish. One mistake many people make is they choose oil-based paints for the cabinets. No doubt, oil-based paints give a sleeker look. But that is for the time being only. And then it starts to look yellow and greasy.

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