What Is Factory Quality Cabinet Painting?

If your cabinets lack the look department, then the easiest and cheapest way to salvage them is to paint them. There are different techniques by which you can paint your cabinets, but today, we are talking about all things factory quality.

What Is Factory Quality Cabinet Painting?

Well, you can try to paint your own cabinets, but factory quality painting hits, looks, and feels entirely different and, honestly, better. There is nothing that could go wrong with having a professional come in and do the paintwork for you. Factory quality cabinet painting is a technique in which cabinets are spray painted. Spray painting is a great way to avoid those pesky brush and roller marks which are extremely unappealing on the wooden cabinets and it is something that is inevitable when you are painting the cabinets by yourself.

Benefits Of Factory Quality Cabinet Painting

Here are some amazing benefits of factory-quality cabinet painting.

There Are No Sloppy Brush Marks

As mentioned previously, factory-quality cabinet painting involves the use of a paint spray gun, which deposits color evenly on the surface of the cabinet and avoids streaky brush marks. It gives the cabinet an airbrushed finish, which is smooth and it looks perfectly done. The best part about spray painting is that it also dries a lot faster. So, there is no need for you to wait an entire day for the paint to dry.

The Damage Is Well Concealed

If you have a professional come in and do the paintwork for you, they will do everything in their power to conceal the cracks, crevices and damage on the cabinet. They usually use heavy-duty sandpaper on the cabinets. Before doing that, they also make sure to unscrew the cabinets from the framework and cover up the entire kitchen as well, to ensure that no mess is made other than where it is necessary. Sanding down the paper and applying a layer of lacquer will make the end result look so much better than what you could’ve done by yourself.

It Gives The Cabinets A Great Final Look

There is always something appealing about a professional touch. It looks very polished, clean-cut and there is little to no room for error. You can achieve this by opting for factory-quality cabinet painting. You will be surprised by the results if you invest in a professional to come and do this work for you. The care and precautions the workers take when painting and unscrewing your cabinets and masking everything else so that there is no damage is just part of the perfection waiting at the end of the job.

There you have it! Now you know what exactly is factory quality cabinet painting. If you think about it, it really is a process of detail and it makes the end result look that much better. Hire We Paint Kitchen Cabinets for factory-quality cabinet painting.

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