Long Term Kitchen Color Trends

Confused about kitchen color trends? Well, fret no more, because the following color recommendations will have people eyeing your kitchen, and the vest part about it is that it is here to stay for years to come. These are the long-term kitchen color trends.

Blues with A Hint Of Green

Blue and green are great complimenting colors. They both bring out the softness and brightness in each other and together, they make a killer combination. Blues and greens might sound very bold to you, but the choice of undertones and the right shade of blue and green will set your kitchen apart from the others.

Light colors of blue or green complement each other beautifully and something about these light colors attracts more light to your kitchen space, making it look bigger and spacious. So, if you have a small kitchen, then light colors are a great choice to go for.

Get Dark with Olive

Dark kitchens might not be the vibe everyone tends to go for, but there is something so ethereal about dark olive tones, which make your kitchen look rustic but majestic at the same time. Dark olive is a great color for making your kitchen look mysterious yet stylish. The only downside is that this color works well in brightly lit places and places that are spacious already.

Dark colors tend to mute the room down of its brightness so you need to make sure that you have enough natural light to counter that effect. Other than that, olive green is going to make your kitchen head turn worthy.

Pastels Never Disappoint

Staying on the same page as lighter colors, there is something so innocent and soft about pastel colors. Combining pastel accents with a white background will complete your kitchen in ways you never thought were possible. Pastel colors like blues, greens, muted yellows, and grays are great options for a kitchen.

You can go for pastel countertops if you can find something that tickles your fancy or you can go the other way around and find pastel-colored cabinets and white countertops. This combination is going to be something that will make people’s heads turn.

Dark And Light Color Contrasts

A very classic yet modern color trend is the dark and light color clash trend. This trend is not relatively new, but it is not to say that it has gone out of style.

In fact, the combination of light and dark colors in a kitchen creates the perfect balance of colors. Black and white, white and gray, blue and white, green and gray, the color variations are endless. These combinations will give your kitchen a trendy yet timeless appeal and you don’t have to worry about changing up the colors for the sake of “staying on trend”.

Something about these colors is classic and timeless, they are trendy, yes, but the undertones are what sets these colors apart from their bold and trendy counterparts, and We Paint Kitchen Cabinets recommends them.

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