How To Count Doors For Online Quote

How To Count Doors For Online Quote can sometimes be confusing. One of the most popular questions asked is, What is painting my kitchen cabinets going to cost me? To give you an estimate, we ask that you count all your cabinet doors, drawers, and even the faux ones, like the one under the sink. Counting up the doors and drawer fronts sounds easy enough, but a few sometimes get missed, so we want to make sure you count them all correctly to ensure you are getting an accurate quote. Walk around the kitchen and get your count before filling out our online quote.  Faux panels that should be counted are any fixed end panels that finish off the end of the cabinets or a faux door front like under the kitchen sink.

This kitchen does not have any fixed end panels, but they would be located on the cabinet’s sides or maybe even the refrigerator side.
We do our best to get you the right quote the first time, so there are no surprises later on. Be sure to submit pictures with your quote request, and we will be sure to double-check everything as well.

At We Paint Kitchen Cabinets we understand your time is valuable and you don’t always have the time or patience to work on projects around your home. We have redefined the way we paint kitchen cabinets and with our 5 step 10 day turnaround we will have your kitchen cabinets looking brand new.