Kitchen Cabinet Paint Cure Time

Did you know there is a difference between paint drying and cure time?

A coat of paint is considered dry when it is no longer wet or tacky to the touch. But dry paint is still susceptible to damage such as scratching, scuffing, or peeling if it is exposed to traffic before it is fully cured.

Paint is considered cured when it has dried completely. This means the paint has reached its peak hardness and all of the solvents have evaporated. Most paints and coatings take days or even weeks to become fully cured.

After the paint is dry to the touch the curing process begins, and this takes 3 – 4 weeks to cure. During this time, the paint becomes increasingly less vulnerable to scratching and other damage as it reaches maximum hardness.

You can begin using your cabinets before they are completely cured, just be sure to take special care during the curing process until your kitchen cabinets are completely dry or finish curing.

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