How To Make A Small Kitchen Look Good With Black Cabinets

Do you love dark cabinets and the small space in your kitchen is restricting you? There’s no doubt that dark cabinets, especially black ones, make your kitchen look elegant and sophisticated. But there’s this misconception that dark colors make your small space look even more stuffed and little. Believe me that only happens when you don’t design your kitchen thoughtfully.

There are many ways through which you can make your kitchen look spacious, even with black cabinets. For instance, by using an open floor plan, you can make your kitchen look bigger. Want to know more? Read on to get more useful ideas.

Add Kitchen Islands

One of the main issues that you usually face with a small kitchen is less space. And the best way to add more space is by adding more countertops in your kitchen. For this, you can add Kitchen Island. It will give more workspace and make your kitchen look bigger.

Also, for making your small kitchen look visibly bigger, you can leave an open base in the islands. And add front glass in the cabinetry for a spacious look.

Contrast With Lighter Colors

To make your kitchen look bigger with black cabinets, contrast it with lighter colors. For instance, if your cabinetry is black, contrast it with softer color flooring and countertops. Also, you can make a contrast of dark Island with lighter cabinetry. And it will look even better with dark flooring.

Try to blend the color combinations of your kitchen. So that it looks balanced and aesthetic. Also, after black kitchen cabinet painting, add front glass. It will give your kitchen a more visible space. And if you’re kind of a private person, you can consider adding smoked or etched glass instead of a visible one.

Make Use Of The Ceiling

Are you still worried about the storage? You might be wondering where you’re going to store extra stuff in the smaller kitchen. But, remember you’re only less with the floor, the ceiling is still there. Make use of it. And, if you’re fortunate enough to get a high ceiling, that’s a plus point.

Built ceiling-height cabinets to store all of your extra stuff and clutter. Adding glass into those cabinets will be even better. Also, build deep drawers with the base cabinetry to add all the extra small things to them and make more space in your kitchen.

Allow Ample Light To Pass In

One of the reasons for your small kitchen looking smaller is the light. It is the dark-colored kitchen cabinet painting nor your small area. Light has a significant impact on the overall appearance of your space. When your kitchen does not have enough light supply, it will automatically look small.

Therefore, allow ample light to pass in. In the daytime, let all the windows in your open kitchen and lounge open. This will make your kitchen look spacious. And at night, use a fair number of bulbs to light your kitchen.

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