Episode 2 – How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Last week we prepared your kitchen for paint and are ready to remove the hardware and learn how to stay organized through the process.

Start removing all the handles, pulls, or knobs from your doors and drawers starting from left to right. Going in this direction ensures smooth workflow

  • your kit includes 30 labeled bags a permanent marker. Number your bag and place the hardware inside the bag for each cabinet.
  • In order to paint, the doors must be removed. Remove the screws from the hinge attaching the door to the frame of the cabinet.
  • Remove the door and place face down on a protected surface. Using a screwdriver, remove the remaining hardware from the door.
  • Using your marker Label doors inside the groove where you just removed the hinge. You will write Door # plus T -for the top or B – for the bottom. This number needs to match the number on your bag.
  • Labeling your hinges will help to make sure your doors are level when you reinstall them.
  • Add the remaining hardware to the appropriate bag and place it inside the cabinet frame for safekeeping.

Check back for next week’s video as we prepare for paint by protecting your surfaces and yourself with proper PPP.

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