Why Choose Cabinet Refinishing Over Replacing?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is why to choose cabinet refinishing over replacing. Because this is a loaded question and can be answered in many ways. The kitchen is the most visited place in your house. People spend a lot more time cooking, eating, and chatting in the kitchen than anywhere else at home. So, the kitchen cabinets are always being touched. Plus, they are in frequent contact with heat, food grease, water spills, and many more. They have to be rough and tough and yet beautiful. An appealing spectacular cabinet design will leave a positive impression on your mind and bring peace to you.

Kitchen cabinets can withstand up to 50 years if they are properly taken care of. But, because sometimes, a ten-year-old or just a few years old cabinets can worn out because of massive kitchen traffic. Then, there comes a question that either you need to replace those cabinets or refinish them.

The difference between replacing and refinishing your cabinets

Cabinet Replacing

By cabinet replacing, we mean completely removing the cabinet fittings from the wall. And changing them. This method requires a lot more time and money. Furthermore, you need to hire a professional for this labor. It is a complete renovation of your kitchen as it contains:

  • Tiling
  • Painting
  • Sanding
  • Backsplash
  • Electrical wiring
  • Countertops

This method is only recommended when you need to change the structure of your kitchen cabinets. Or if you think that the cabinets are not in their right spots. And either if you want more spacious cabinets. Otherwise, prefer cabinet refinishing. Even you can refinish and repair your broken cabinets with wepaintkitchencabinet.com DIY. kit

Cabinet Refinishing

By cabinet refinishing, we mean restoring the finish of your kitchen cabinets. It is a less laborious and economical method. This method also contains updating or repairing your cabinetry hardware. Refinishing will give your kitchen a completely new look. We make the process extremely simple by going on our website and filling out our online quote form. We get back to you in 24hr with your price quote.

Several points prove refinishing is a better solution instead of replacing your kitchen cabinetry. Let’s examine some of the amazing benefits of refinishing your kitchen cabinets.

  1. Durability

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets will make them more durable, and they will withstand years of life.

  1. More Convenient And Less Expensive

Cabinet refinishing is a more convenient and less expensive method. It saves your time and bucks both, as it does not require some professional to do it. You can refinish your kitchen cabinetry by yourself as well. Additionally, if your kitchen cabinets are of some high-quality wood, such as oak, maple, ash, hickory, or cherry, you don’t need to replace them for years. Plus, replacing costs a lot more labor and money.

  1. Fresh And New Look

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets will give them a fresh look. Over the years, the paint turns dull, and the hardware fitting loosen. Plus, you might face some issues of peeling and creaking. But refinishing will make the cabinets as good as new. Thus, you don’t have to replace the whole fitting. Cabinet refinishing is a quicker, easier, and cheaper options to renew your kitchen’s look.

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